Lemonade and Laughing Gas is Louise Orwin and Amy Lord.

We create multi-textured, hyper-theatrical, surprising experiences that make you feel alive.

We have a passion for creating these experiences in unusual, site-specific locations, from old BBC radio studios, to abandoned office blocks, disused pickle factories, regency ballrooms, old rave haunts, and even, sometimes, theatre spaces.

Our work focuses on blending together installation, performance, video and sound to create adventures and journeys that people can get lost in, whether that’s for escapism, stimulation or simply to remember what it means to be human.

We have a continuing enquiry into what it means to build temporary communities out of arts audiences, whether that’s with space, installation, or performative experiences that bring people together. We are constantly exploring themes of familiarity, looking at how this can be expanded upon (through our use of pop culture references) or whether that’s exploded entirely (by making the domestic strange). We like thinking about the uncanny a lot, and often enjoy gently pushing people outside of their comfort zones, in order to see the world anew. Recently we’ve been researching into how digital culture is changing us, how we see ourselves and each other, and the effect that has on intimacy. (See Tokyo Love Hotel and Unplugged).

We work in a multi-disciplinary fashion, letting our research interests mold the way we make work. Over the years we have created games nights, supper clubs, one off parties, installations, guided binaural headphone experiences, site specific adventures that took participants on a train to the seaside, outdoor treasure hunts, and much more. Our most recent large scale project was a love letter to David Lynch, and saw us build a whole fantasy slice of small town America in an abandoned office block in Farringdon. The project was inspired by Twin Peaks, ran for 3 months and saw 9000 guests through its doors. More on that here.

You can have a rummage through our past work here:

We’re always open to collaborations, commissions or just to making connections. Give us a shout, it might be the start of something beautiful.

L&LG x