L&LG has been creating mind-bending, surreal experiences since 2012.

Here’s some of the weird shit from the past that we’re hiding in our cupboards.

Our interest in creating experiences that include eating and drinking mean we’ve worked with some of the most exciting collaborators in the food and drink industry, from hosting intimate group dinners in our trusty caravan, to collaborating with up and coming chefs Drew Snaith, Flo Hillier, Blanch and Shock, Disappearing Dining Club and Asparagasm to create unusual, immersive dining experiences in unexpected locations such as warehouses, pickle factories and regency ballrooms .

We’ve also found ourselves building immersive and site specific experiences for charities, brands and corporations whose ethics align with ours. We’ve done it all: from putting on Shooting Stars-esque games nights, to building surreal Christmas themed flavour laboratories, creating drag queen led Brazilian themed summer parties, building fantasy ski resorts in abandoned buildings, throwing VIP parties in Harvey Nichols, to taking a whole company’s office prisoner and transporting them to a secret location ‘underworld’.

Over the years we’ve worked with Harvey Nichols, Ocado, Curzon Cinemas, Shelter (Charity), Guide Dogs Charity, Google and many more.

Have a look through L&LG’s past by having a browse through our archival cabinet of wonders below.