Portable Joy and A Most Curious Wedding Fair

Last weekend we finally unveiled the beautiful new addition to the L&LG family, 'Portable Joy'. An '82 Sprite Musketeer with a brilliant retro paint job and a heart of gold (read: beautifully renovated interior) . Over the last few months we have ripped her to pieces, built inside her, decoupaged, painted and varnished, and decorated with the usual curious L&LG eye and accoutrements.

Unveiling her at A Most Curious Wedding Fair was just lovely. We welcomed punters inside for a cocktail and a sit-down, encouraged them to get dressed up in the mini-photobooth and dress up area we had installed in the shower room, and set up a mini craft station on a lovely patch of green grass outside. There were lots of 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs' and generally we felt like proud mummas. 

We also met loads of other brilliant and talented small business owners displaying their wares in some amazing stall displays which was very inspiring. AND we borrowed a child for the day as a brilliant marketing ploy! Not really.... but we did get to hang out with the rather remarkable Jasmin, daughter of the stallholder next to us who kept us on our toes and smiling from ear to ear all day.