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Just under two weeks ago we woke up, packed up the kitchen and our props into a rented people carrier, drove to Cambridge, built a kitchen in a theatre space, started building a breakfast vending machine at midnight, began making bread at 3am, and... finally, served breakfast to 120 people at 8am. After making them do a compulsory workout. Inspired by Mr. Motivator. Obviously.

And then packed up our kitchen and drove back to London. And slept.

Why did we do this?

Some months ago the good people of the Cambridge Junction (amazing arts and music venue in Cambridge) came to us with an interesting commission. They told us they were putting on a 24 hour arts festival and they wanted us to create a breakfast experience for the morning portion of the festival. We were excited and slightly terrified at the prospect of potentially staying up through the night before serving breakfast (although we were assured there would be a lovely sleeping area), but mostly excited, so we went away and put our thinking caps on.

After a bit of brainstorming we decided we wanted to base the experience on our most vivid early memories of Sunday mornings growing up in the UK. We thought: GMTV, the BBC test card, Mr Motivator, kids cartoons, making bread in the kitchen, flour on the kitchen table, live and kicking, play-doh, playing with your food, unnaturally coloured kids breakfast cereals... The list goes on, but you get the jist.

So this is what we ended up with: we decided to create our very own shrine to Sunday morning.

At 3am we set up our bakery and asked people to join us making the bread for breakfast.  To give the experience a mischeivous, child-like Hook-esque twist we enabled people to add red, yellow or green food colouring to their bread and let them knead and prove to the dulcet tones of 90s rave music. It was a bread-making rave, complete with flashing lights and TVs showing the old BBC test card.

At 8am, the images on the TVs switched from test-card to classic UK morning TV as people (who had been up the best part of 24 hours) congregated to receive their breakfast from the L&LG Breakfast Vending Machine we had built. In order to collect their breakfast however, participants had to complete a very special morning workout... 'Clarissa & Melissa Work it Out'. Once they were all worked-out participants came to collect their breakfast sandwiches- an all-in-one breakfast wonder sandwich: egg, bacon, tomato, mushrooms and hashbrown all put together in chunky home-baked, brightly coloured bread. Phew.

And then we slept.

And just in case that's all a little too difficult to imagine, here are some lovely words and pictures (more coming soon!) to help you out:

Green rave bread

Green rave bread

'I was handed my bacon breakfast sandwich by Lemonade and Laughing Gas, out of a ‘hatch’ in a giant cardboard ‘breakfast machine’, and the bread was bright red.'  http://mirrorlamp.co.uk/?p=223

'When morning came around breakfast was served but only after compulsory participation in a 90s morning TV style exercise routine. Even the food had a bizarre twist with sandwiches containing all the ingredients of a fried breakfast served in bread coloured bright red, yellow and green.' http://www.localsecrets.com/ezine.cfm?ezineid=4401#sthash.rNNRFQUi.dpuf

 @AyoandOni · Just took part in some durational rave bread making courtesy of @l_and_lg at @nightwatchfest . It was... Intense.


A little video summary of the event...

And finally... A little taster of our foray into breakfast TV: