Tea Dances and Samba Drums

Hello lovely followers, 

You may have noticed we have a little (BIG) old (NEW) exciting (the MOST exciting) event coming up in August...(pssst!) But before that happens we thought we'd get you up to speed to our latest shenanigans. 

July has been VERY busy for us. We have been working on not one, but two huge projects, and boy did they go off with a bang. One had us researching the cultural heritage of Lambeth, interviewing primary school children about birthdays and making props with a group of year 9's in the lead up to a huge outdoor event, and the other had us delve into the spirit of Carioca for a one-off private event that featured drag queens, mask-making and a live Samba band.

Want to hear more? Read on...

L&LG presents.... Carioca!

When we were asked earlier in the year whether we could design and produce a private Brazilian themed event for up to 200 people, including food and drink, we got pretty excited...

Steering clear of all things football we settled on a 'Carioca' theme. 'Carioca' is an interchangeable word, used not only to describe the people of Rio, but also the spirit of the city. Used as a noun and an adjective it can mean: strength, warrior, passion, life-force, cheeky/sexy, power, fun loving. We thought it was the perfect central idea for the design of our night. 

Working with our chef and drinks expert, we came up with a riotous carnival experience of a night which included authentic, delicious Brazilian food and drink, a show-stopping surprise element mid-way through. Installing ourselves in the legendary old BBC recording studios in Marylebone we built an experience which included entering through an audio visual installation of beach sounds and vintage aerial shots of Rio; a Rio drag queen's dressing room where guests could interact with 'Eloise' our drag queen and lipsynch to 'The Girl from Ipanema'; being challenged to a game of wits by the Mayor of Rio in his office; stumble upon a secret Carmen Miranda space filled with bananas and samba dancing; or make your own carnival mask in our carnival styling area, and wander through a beautifully tropical designed main space. Midway through the night guests were drawn to the sound of Samba drums to a central staircase which had previously been obscured but we revealed in spectacular style and were led downstairs by Samba dancers to an entriely different space for drinking and dancing. It was quite a night. And we're secretly hoping we might get to do it again...

L&LG in the Secret Zone at Lambeth Country Show

Despite multiple zig-zagging lightning bolts on weather maps, we managed to get a weekend of glorious weather and sunshine at the annual Lambeth Country Show. Hurrah.

We were invited by the council's event organisers to conceive and run a 'secret' area at this year's show for their 40th birthday - something family-friendly and all inclusive. This was a good challenge for us as we've always felt children are a great audience for the type of imagination-led interactive work we make, but more often than not we veer towards the 18+ rating.

We wanted to really get a feel for the cultural heritage of Lambeth, up to and including its present day community so we took to local schools to include them in our process. This included making larger than life country show vegetable props for the show with one year group, and interviewing another primary school year group to create material for one of the sound installations we installed in the secret zone.

We filled the walled garden (already an amazingly inspiring space) with various characters (some taken directly from show programmes from the 70's) including Lambeth Larry, a boy trapped inside a lifesize cake (or cake purgatory as it became known amongst the performers), magical continuous tea party, a sound installation of children talking about birthdays (cute!), a dancing ghost of the garden and a very eccentric local artist teaching punters about the art of blind sketching on canvases to take home.

All the characters came together, on the hour, for a choreographed movement spectacle, complete with animal heads and parasols. Have a gander at the pictures to get more of an idea...