A Film Premiere and An Immersive Experience

Heading up the first of our retrospective collection is an event we put on back in May. Guide Dogs (the charity) and ITV came to us to organise a very special screening and premiere event for their new documentary. They asked us to create an event with a twist, and tasked us with creating an immersive experience which would give able-sighted guests the experience of being blind. 

For a few weeks in the run up to the project we worked closely with Guide Dogs to create an experience which would feel as real as possible. It was quite a humbling exercise for all those involved- learning about how the partially sighted and blind get around on a day to day basis.

In the end we created a binaural soundscape, and a physical experience carefully stage-managed by a cast of 20 performers, which would feel like a typical London journey: walking down a crowded street, getting caught in a thunder storm, finding your way to the tube station, heading down into the tube, and finally, getting on a train.

On the night, this experience ran simultaneously during the rest of the event. The reactions we had to it were pretty powerful and illuminating. 

Here are a few images of the feedback we got, and some videos of the experience.

Oh- and did we mention there were puppies there?!