This has been a lion's roar of a year for Lemonade and Laughing Gas. We'd like to end on a bang by listing some things we have been grateful for this year:

- quad bikes (that we get to borrow for outdoor events...)

- the power of David Lynch to unite 18 year olds and 60 years olds bonding over a glorified soap opera

- giant stuffed pumas

- our cast and crew: all the fabulous people we've worked with over the last year, who's never-ending hard work, positive energy and FUN bring us all the joy and without whom we would be nothing

- being freelancers, which although it can mean days off are far and few, we still get to have the odd day sitting around in our pants, scoffing chocolate whilst doing admin

- the guests at our events who never fail to surprise us: we love you!

- The Owl Shrine at The Owls Are Not What They Seem: it just grew and grew and grew and astonished us every day

- getting to work with our hands and hearts and heads every single day

- driving massive fuck off vans around London full of weird props

- that time of year when the leaves crunch under your foot, and the wind is frosty against your nose and you have all the excuses to drink every night if you damn well please

- the cast of The Owls Are Not What They Seem who did two (sometimes three) shows a night for 3 months, and made living that ground hog day totally do-able every day

- being able to sample delicious food and drink as PART OF OUR JOB

- being totally rocking girlbosses and sticking it to THE MAN

                                                          ... and of course ALL OF YOU. xx

Happy New Year.


L&LG xx