The Extraordinary Mr H Nichols

Towards the end of the summer, we found ourselves working a project with seriously stylish department store Harvey Nichols. 

They were on the brink of launching their new Birmingham store, and came to us after something a little out of the ordinary for the VIP launch event. We designed a Willy Wonka-esque tour for the guests of this event, transforming the store for one night only into the Gatsby-esqye playground and estate of the curious Mr H Nichols. 

Guests received hand-written invitations from Mr H Nichols asking them to turn up for this super VIP event, but once they were there it was announced that Mr H had mysteriously disappeared... Over the next couple of hours guests met various colourful characters along the way who dripfed them clues about the store and Mr H, all the while sampling Harvey Nic's samples, beauty treatments and backstage secrets. 

This was definitely a fun one for our performers who were decked out by the Harvey Nichols stylists in designer labels galore. Our favourite was the Stella McCartney leopard print two piece darling.