A Birthday Wonder and a little bit of blushing...

So we're nearly all caught up. Our last timetravelling escapade takes us back to deepest darkest January- the month where everyone is broke, partied out and generally trying to give up last year's vices. Well.... Not us. And not 70 guests who partied with us for a very special 30th birthday do.

A Birthday Wonder

Something very special happened this year on the 11th of January: not only did we revive the Surrealist Dinner Party for one night only in honour of someone's 30th birthday, not only did the Rothschild manor and its residents get to come to life once more, not only did 70 people drink and dance the night away when most others were at home trying to do dry-January (yeah, we don't get it either), BUT Lemonade and Laughing Gas rolled out their very first collaboration with food designers extraordinaire Blanch and Shock.

We are two companies that have a lot of synergy, and after admiring each other from afar we took the plunge in January to test out an early working relationship. Let's just say it went well, and all being good and well and right in the world, you should be hearing more on this front very soon...

Anyway, back to the birthday.

So, this happened:

And then this happened:

Plus this:

Followed by this, and this, and this:

A little bit of this:

Followed by a lot of this:

And then, this happened:

Let's just say a good time was had by all.

Plus, somewhere in the midst of it all Amy and I were toasted by the birthday boy and there was extreme blushing all round.

If you'd like to find out a bit more about the Surrealist Dinner Party have a looky here.

Up next... Love is in the air...