Love is in the Air.

So here's where we get all soppy and tell you what we did for Valentine's day.

Well, we got a massive group of us together and had it off in a caravan.

Which is nearly true.

Portable Joy becomes the Caravan of Love

This Feb 14th, we decided we couldn't think of anywhere better to invite people to spend their V-day (or Anti-V-Day in some cases) than our pride and joy, Portable Joy.

Teaming up with chef extraordinaire Drew Snaith, we created London's smallest pop-up restaurant and invited couples and groups of up to 8 to come and dine.

We didn't get many pictures unfortunately as it all felt very intimate and lovely, but we're pretty sure a good time was had by all. Our last sitting definitely got our little van rocking on its axis (there were 8 of them, and not in a dodgy way, more a drinking and dancing way).

We're pretty sure the Caravan of Love will be coming back- and in a very exciting new locations!- keep an eye out for our announcements soon.

We'll leave you with the only picture we got of Portable Joy filled to the brim, and a few snippets from our visitors book that day.

Up next... We're Moving!