Christmas in June.

Next up in our time-travelling extravaganza, we move onto one of our stranger events...

Not long after taking down our surreal slice of small town America, L&LG found ourselves creating another surreal wonderland, this time with a winter and Christmas theme, in a central London in ... JUNE. Yes that's right, in the middle of summer. Ocado had tasked us to create a Christmas themed event for press which would showcase their rather special Christmas line of products. And of course, we had to do it the L&LG way, cue the creation of... The Christmas Flavour Laboratory: the place where the flavours of Christmas future were created. 

For us, this meant sourcing science and laboratory equipment, creating bespoke petir dish trays, creating mind-bending bell jar installations, and sampling a lot of delicious food and drink along the way... Oh and all to the dulcet sounds of distant jingle bells and Christmas pop songs. Obvs.

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures to get you in the mood.

L&LG x

pssst... NEXT UP: we head to the Rhone Valley for a very special London-based collaboration with Cote du Rhones wines.