Oysters and Unplugging Whitstable

After we finally closed the doors to Double Pineview (see our last blog) for the last time, L&LG took a deep breath and a well-deserved rest. Amy headed to Mexico, and Louise headed to South-East Asia and we... stopped. Ahhhhh.

On our return to London we found ourselves talking more and more about the hectic pace of life in our city and the importance of taking time to get out of the big smoke, to take a breath, and to UNPLUG.  We decided we wanted to make a piece of work about turning this essential act, ritualising it in our own L&LG way. We wanted to help L&LG adventurers unplug, and take them on a journey like no other. And so... UNPLUGGED was born.

On one sunny day in June we met a group of lucky strangers at Victoria Station in London (who had no idea where they were going), asked them to leave their phones behind, and took them to the sea-side. Beautiful Whitstable, with its oyster shells and beautiful vistas, was our location of choice, and became the stage where our adventure played out. Guests were treated to a beautiful handmade book full of maps, trails and provocations, surprise one on one encounters with characters along the way, gifts nestled amongst the sand dunes, and a fish supper pit-stop. On the train back, we unveiled ourselves and guests got to meet each other over a glass of fizz. Notes were compared, and the eventual question was asked: 'Would you like your phone back?'. An overwhelming 'No' resounded.

This was one of those warm-fuzzy-feeling-inside type adventures, and we hope to re-create it again soon.

L&LG x

psst... UP NEXT: Winter comes to central London.. in June...