A Maritime Festivity


In January there was little time for our sore heads to recover from the christmas frivolities before we were back to work again creating some beautiful maritime touches for a very special charity ball held in central London. The location was unlike anything we've ever worked in before- a very grand old building full of oil paintings of important looking people, ships in bottles, trophies, chandeliers, and a huge ballroom with a spectacular view of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge: http://www.trinityhouse.co.uk/

The brief was to provide some fun, sea-side themed entertainment and decoration for an otherwise very formal occasion. Our first port of call (geddit) to find some inspiration was obviously the SEA- so off L&LG went to beautiful Whitstable where the above picture was taken. The sea breeze must have done us some good as we came up with some great touches for the event. We provided some roaming performance (a confused sailorboy, and a very modern day mermaid), a vintage bit of nautical themed musical performance, a burlesque slot, a classic L&LG photobooth with a nautical twist, and some very beautiful and evocative centre-pieces, table plans, name places and general lighting.