Christmasmas 2013 for L&LG saw us taking over a beautiful old pickle factory just off Brick Lane- The Rag Factory.

When we first came across this space in October 2013 we knew we had to have it- spread over two floors, and three huge rooms with amazing antique and unique features of the original factory space such as beautiful tiled walls and huge wooden sliding doors the space was pretty impressive. Over the course of a week we wined and dined our guests, played some cheese of Christmas past (and maybe a bit of Whitney and maybe a bit of East 17), took our chances on bingo, watched delightedly as Foxy and Husk and The Original Street Dancers (among others) performed on our stage, turned our hands to xmas arts and crafts, spent our final pennies on last minute xmas gifts at out L&LG Curiosity Shoppe AND were secreted away into secret booths filled with surprise encounters and surreal performances... PHEW! It was intense. If you missed out and fancy peek into the world we created, or were there and fancy reliving it all again for a hot minute, watch this:

Theres a bit more about the food and drinks offering on the main event page on our site too- if you're curious, have a gander.