A Maritime Festivity


In January there was little time for our sore heads to recover from the christmas frivolities before we were back to work again creating some beautiful maritime touches for a very special charity ball held in central London. The location was unlike anything we've ever worked in before- a very grand old building full of oil paintings of important looking people, ships in bottles, trophies, chandeliers, and a huge ballroom with a spectacular view of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge: http://www.trinityhouse.co.uk/

The brief was to provide some fun, sea-side themed entertainment and decoration for an otherwise very formal occasion. Our first port of call (geddit) to find some inspiration was obviously the SEA- so off L&LG went to beautiful Whitstable where the above picture was taken. The sea breeze must have done us some good as we came up with some great touches for the event. We provided some roaming performance (a confused sailorboy, and a very modern day mermaid), a vintage bit of nautical themed musical performance, a burlesque slot, a classic L&LG photobooth with a nautical twist, and some very beautiful and evocative centre-pieces, table plans, name places and general lighting. 


Our very first, very OWN supper club came into glorious being on the 31st Aug (2013). IT WAS WONDERFUL. It went down so well in fact, that we plan to host a few more...  In the meantime feast your eyes on these.



We have been plotting and planning and plotting and planning and.... we can finally unveil our new night! It is going to be an L&LG classic midsummer bonanza of fun, fine-dining and tom-foolery [and booze].  Oh and... full of surprises obvs.

Keep checking back on the site for more clues. And in the meantime... COME! Get an earlybird discount and buy your tickets here.

It'll be the best thing you do this summer- we promise.

Pick 'n' Mix

Pick 'n' Mix

Our first ever blog post...

Some musings on what we've been up to recently (succinct and to the point):



24th May: Asparagasm's 'Rites of May' supper club, Studio Gi, Hackney

Morrissey meets Morris Dancing, wicker man/maypoledancing/morrissey/pagan hand cut projections. NICE.

16th May: Private Birthday at White Rabbit, Stoke Newington

We hosted a fun-filled extravanza at a cosy cocktail bar in Stoke Newington- L&LG Musical bingo, pop-up dancers, truth or dare and peach schnapps. HEAVEN.

18th April: Climb Every Mountain Fundraiser, Shoreditch

In support of Cancer Research, L&LG pulled out all the stops: custard cream eating contests and mountain racing karaoke.

1st March 2013: Asparagasm's 'Eats Shoots and Leaves' supper club

L&LG came over all chinois: a geisha led paper lantern making session, Mung Vase decorating, and some saucy geisha burlesque action, among other revelry.

14th Feb 2013: Disappearing Dining Club's Valentine's Event: 'BIG LOVE'

L&LG pimped out the projection screen for this very romantisch supper club with oodles of canoodling- think Ghost, Dirty Dancing, a spot of Un Chien Andalou, and 70s skin flicks

7th December: Berry World Xmas Party at Foreman's Fish Island, Hackney Wick

A full on 60s air crew complete with gogo boots and a chauvinist pilot. 60s memorabilia suspended in mid air. Beautiful projeciton images of Twiggy, the Kings Road circa 65, and Mick Jagger. A typist recording all your 60s stories.

6th December: Krow Xmas Party at White Rabbit, Shoreditch

Quoted as being their best xmas party ever, L&LG pulled out all the stops to provide an all singing, all dancing xmas party to remember: theatrical office evacuations, accordionist greetings, gluttonous burlesque, interactive table centrepieces, a sinful photobooth and even... musical chairs. PHEW.

5th December: A Xmas Party at Bird and Ballard, Shoreditch

We provided a sultry typist and an off the wall performance in a curtained off room, for this weird and wonderful xmas party.

30th November: Asparagasm

L&LG got their spangly disco wear on for Asparagasm's most recent offering, the 'Seasonally Affected Ball'. There was 'VEGAZZLING'. Enough said.

25th October: Asparagasm

We'll be collaborating with the wonderful Asparagasm again, this time the theme is: Spiritual Healing... We're looking forward to walking into the mystery again...

20th October: A birthday party. 

A surprise birthday party taking place in a coffee shop in Shoreditch. We can't really share any more details until the reveal has taken place!

28th September: Asparagasm 

We're looking forward to getting our fruit and veg on with Asparagasm next Friday at the amazing White Rabbit studios in Shoreditch. We won't be posting any spoilers here, but you can buy tickets for the night here.

15th August: Chilli Sauce night at Disappearing Dining Club's new joint Back in 5 Minutes

Last night L&LG and the DDC team hosted Chilli Sauce, for a one-off event in celebration of our new collaboration. And we think it went down rather well.. Even our typewriter lady was blushing by the end of it...

16th June: Robert and Danielle's wedding at House of St.Barnabas, Soho

We hosted an L&LG room, and provided art direction and design for the lovely Robert and Danielle in a stunning location in Soho (Grade II listed building that used to be a youth hostel- what?!)- have a look here at some pics of the event.

31st May: Collaboration with Disappearing Dining Club (get excited)

A huge thank you to all of our fabulous guests on the 31st for making our official launch night with DDC a roaring success. We had loads of fun and judging from some of the pictures we saw from the photobooth on the night SO DID YOU! Have a look at some pictures of the night here.

x L&LG