Love Bite Games Night TEASER

V-Day Posters.jpeg

Ok so some of you may have noticed we had a little old thing going on on the 14th Feb at Red Kantine in Shoreditch... Love Bite Games Night. A night of revelry designed for the those amongst you tired of the usual V-day events nonsense. It. Was. Beautiful. And we were particularly proud of the event description: 'Shootings Stars crossed with Gladiators and David Lynch.'


New collaborations abounded on this event- striking up with a new relationship with event partners Antidote London, and drumroll... Flo Hillier of Moro London. We will be releasing some images of the night soon, but in the mean time check out all the places we were featured online... Seems like our little night caused quite a stir!!lemonade-and-laughing-gas-love-bits-game/c2484