Love Bite Games Night TEASER

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Ok so some of you may have noticed we had a little old thing going on on the 14th Feb at Red Kantine in Shoreditch... Love Bite Games Night. A night of revelry designed for the those amongst you tired of the usual V-day events nonsense. It. Was. Beautiful. And we were particularly proud of the event description: 'Shootings Stars crossed with Gladiators and David Lynch.'


New collaborations abounded on this event- striking up with a new relationship with event partners Antidote London, and drumroll... Flo Hillier of Moro London. We will be releasing some images of the night soon, but in the mean time check out all the places we were featured online... Seems like our little night caused quite a stir!!lemonade-and-laughing-gas-love-bits-game/c2484


Our very first, very OWN supper club came into glorious being on the 31st Aug (2013). IT WAS WONDERFUL. It went down so well in fact, that we plan to host a few more...  In the meantime feast your eyes on these.


August/September Japes

Well....We've had a BUSY summer... how's yours been?! We thought it was about time for a little update so heres a lightningflashupdate coming your way:


very fun client came to us with a unique brief- birthday fun inspired by Labyrinth. We were only too happy to oblige. Working around this brief and some of the birthday girl's favourite things we brought this lot to Bethnal Green Working Men's Club: a Jareth-based guest surprise and treasure hunt, beautiful 80s/JonnyCash/Freddie Mercury/MTV projection design, a Bowie-inspired photobooth and face painting masterclass, and a surreal 80s typist to record guests messages of the evening. It was one of our favourite collections of typings so far.


A very wet but very fun experience for all those involved. L&LG created havoc with our classic FUNBOOTH. 


PICK 'n' MIX at The Hub, Islington

(see separate post)

ASPARAGASM 6th Sept, The Old Shoe Factory, Hackney

For this vegan supper club with a Balkan twist, we had the DELIGHT of turning ourselves into gypsies and spreading some good fortune heather and bad psychic energy: think Bethnal Green sourced blessed twigs (spiritual centre of London right?) bogus palmistry, tarot reading courtesy of L&LG's deck and Google. OH YES.

Photos and more coming soon here


We have been plotting and planning and plotting and planning and.... we can finally unveil our new night! It is going to be an L&LG classic midsummer bonanza of fun, fine-dining and tom-foolery [and booze].  Oh and... full of surprises obvs.

Keep checking back on the site for more clues. And in the meantime... COME! Get an earlybird discount and buy your tickets here.

It'll be the best thing you do this summer- we promise.

Pick 'n' Mix

Pick 'n' Mix

Summer time....

So- we left you with a teaser for our summer plans....We have been hiding away and hatching our next moves, promise you they are going to be good!

In the meantime we are working on a beautiful wedding in Dalston and a picnic in an Attic in a secret location in North London. Lots of fun and games!

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather,

L&LG x