Harvey Nichols Store Launch Birmingham

For one night only, Lemonade and Laughing Gas transformed the soon-to-be-launched and brand-spanking-new Harvey Nichols Birmingham store into the playground and estate of Gatsby-esque 'Mr H Nichols'. 

Mr. H Nichols is aristocratic and eccentric; enigmatic and playful. He is of impeccable taste, and desirable social standing. He rules over his ‘playground’ with a firm but fair hand, and is generally loved by those who work for him. He describes his estate as a fairground of adult earthly delights: filled to brimming with pleasures for the eyes, ears, fingers and mouth. It is a place for only those who can match his faultless taste. Every now and then he likes to open the doors of his estate to those of similar standing to enjoy a night of unadulterated pleasure taking in his grounds, however tonight something seems to have gone seriously awry.... Mr H Nichols is missing.

Guests arriving at the store were welcomed into the world of the fictional Mr H Nichols, and into the mystery of his disappearance. After champagne and canapes they were led around the store meeting friends and staff of Mr H along the way. The Willy Wonka-style tour served as a perfect way to introduce the store's new elements to invited guests, sampling its delicacies and specialities along the way, with a fun twist.