Lambeth Country Show 40th Birthday Secret Zone

A Lambeth Council Commission

In the summer of 2014 we were invited by the council's event organisers to conceive and run a 'secret' area at the Lambeth Country Show for their 40th birthday - something family-friendly and all inclusive. 

We wanted to really get a feel for the cultural heritage of Lambeth, up to and including its present day community so we took to local schools to include them in our process. This included making larger than life country show vegetable props for the show with one year group, and interviewing another primary school year group to create material for one of the sound installations we installed in the secret zone.

We filled the walled garden (already an amazingly inspiring space) with various characters (some taken directly from show programmes from the 70's) including Lambeth Larry, a boy trapped inside a lifesize cake (or cake purgatory as it became known amongst the performers), magical continuous tea party, a sound installation of children talking about birthdays (cute!), a dancing ghost of the garden and a very eccentric local artist teaching punters about the art of blind sketching on canvases to take home.

All the characters came together, on the hour, for a choreographed movement spectacle, complete with animal heads and parasols.