The Owls Are Not What They Seem

- a collaboration with Blanch and Shock

An immersive dining experience, inspired by the world of Twin Peaks, set over two floors of an impressive multi-storey building in Farringdon, London.

Set in the fictional town of Double Pineview, Lemonade and Laughing Gas created a labyrinthine world of Lynchian twists and turns. From Wanda's Diner, to Black Jack's, and the Roadside Bar to smaller, more intimate spaces: an eerie family dining room, a town morgue, a deserted greenhouse, a young girl's bedroom. Guests were invited to sup on three courses of classic American diner food with a twist, bespoke themed cocktails, and wander through Double Pineview's very own slice of Small Town America, intermingling with familiar faces along the way, and discovering the town's secrets for themselves.

The Owls Are Not What They Seem ran from August 28th to November 21st 2015.

... a triumph of bizarreness...
— The Independent
a magical and memorable time
— TimeOut
A far out hoot..
— Metro

Images by Paul Choy: