Asparagasm and L&LG

In 2012-14 we teamed up with DDC and Asparagasm to create a series of fruit and veg love-ins. Below are a few pictures from our fruity collaborations with Asparagasm. There have been visual art installations, interactive crafty installations, film projections, group painting, venue design and dressing to name a few. See the gallery to see some highlights of this beautiful relationship.

 Hot Harvest Festival at White Rabbit

Plastic fruit floating in mid air, a beautiful film to be projected including tribal dancing, pagan festivals and morris dancing, and a wacky Potato Printing area. Oh and lets not forget our green jumpsuits adorned with fruit in all the right places.

 'Spiritual Healing' at Disappearing Dining Club's Back in 5 Minutes space.

There were Voodoo Doll making kits, Day of the Dead face paints, swarovski-studded pumpkins and a whole lotta spooky.

The 'Seasonally Affected Ball' at White Rabbit

Time to celebrate all things sparkling, bright and eccentric to help us face the dark and cold of Winter. Hence the need for Vegazzling (geddit?)...And competitive vegazzling at that. Sparkly dresses, beautiful projections of Donna Summer and Saturday Night Fever, and A LOT of glitter.

Caravan at Studio Gi, Hackney

For this celebration of bohemians flavours we provided character hosts, fortune tellers and secret interactions all over the venue- each with their own spicy Eastern twist.