We launched our exciting new collaboration with the super Disappearing Dining Club on the 31st May 2012 at the hidden dining room behind an Italian clothes boutique. It was a match made in heaven. Inspired by the East End roots of our location, we devised and designed two one-on-one performances especially for the space; one forming part of an interactive installation for the guests. We made and projected a Victorian version of the dining room, in the midst of a spirit-conjuring ceremony and created a techno Eastenders mash-up for the toilet. The experience for the guests started with a letter in the post and an encounter on the street outside, resulting in a code to be used for summoning later.

“Creative, alluring, silly, strange and intelligent fun where the performance element was timed well with the fantastic outpourings of food and drink from the Disappearing Dining Club. I will definitely be back for a top up of laughing gas soon!”

“I had no idea what to expect and loved the mystery of the night. Everything was fantastic - great and exciting entertainment to go with a delicious meal. The performances were all very different and kept us guessing what would happen next. I'll be recommending you to my friends for THE new thing to experience in London. Looking forward to see what entertainment lies ahead!!”